The Zen Plague and the Free Market

The term “佛系青年”, meaning “zen youth”, has been popular in China for a few years. The interesting thing is, despite the unsarcastic origin origins of the term, I see it most frequently used in conjunction during self reflections.

I am extremely concerned of this general outlook. Especially soon, when the AIs really takesover, what is there to contemplate?

But, this sentiment is so counterintuitive.

Can I offer you a solution? Can I frame a life, full of desires, to be the noble one, to be the meaningful one? I’ll try.

Libertarian beliefs, in my humble opinion, are too devoted to reinventing the wheel.

Though life is not a multivariable solution, I’m going to attempt to still generate an axiom, in turn a framework, that we can all agree upon.

This was exactly the third case against capitalism in the infamous (at least in the West) Communist Manifesto: